The Aviators of the 1950's

The Aviators of the 1950's

By Brent Blossom

The Aviators of the 1950's

"There are seasons in our lives where we take the helm and simply navigate. There are other seasons where we take our oars and laboriously pull ourselves to dry land.

Helm & Oar exists because happiness can’t be caused by anything external. That's right.. I've conceded that even our work can't cause your happiness. 

However.. our products can awaken the grateful, happy and powerful person living behind those gorgeous eyes of yours. 

My hope is that through my products, I can provide beautiful reminders to breathe in deeply, this life we are all desperately trying to fully live."

- B


Helm & Oar was founded by Brent Blossom - a proud Father, Creative Director and professional Designer based out of Laguna Beach, California. Brent founded Helm & Oar while in the throws of immense hardship. With a deepened need to find serenity, he began to design pieces that reminded him of the beauty to be found when we choose to see that obstacles are simply opportunities to discover the unrefined beauty that life-accepted has to offer.  It was through his recent works, inspired by ancient stoics of the past like Marcus Aurelius and Seneca that a new company was founded. We hope you enjoy what you find and that you take something home with you that reminds you of the joyful and untouchable truth that lies within.